BITSAT examination pattern

The BITSAT 2019 exam pattern portrays important parts of the examination process and the bitset's inquiry letter. Candidates will need to think about number and type inquiries, stamping plans, exam period and further reading examination patterns. This will help them in planning a viable method to break the exam. For more information on bitsat exam patterns, read the article along.

Bitset 2019 Exam Patterns - Highlights

As a computer-based test (CBT), the examination will be done on the web,

The applicant should check the answers using the mouse or the console

The duration of the examination will be 3 hours or 180 minutes.

The purpose of the inquiry in the paper will be as objective / multiple decision-making.

The applicant should examine one of the four options as his answer.

According to the BITSAT examination pattern, the fields of examination will be of physics, chemistry, English proficiency and logical reasoning, mathematics / biology.

To check the wrong answer, 1 ticket will be deducted.

No breaks will be given between exams

BITSAT 2019 Exam pattern and format

There will be four classes with the exam:

Section 1 - Physics,

Section 2 - Chemistry,

Section 3 - (A) English proficiency and (B) logical reasoning, part 4 - mathematics or biology (B. for arm applicants).

Each inquiry will have 4 options, one right and three off-base

Each correct answer will receive +3 points.

Each wrong answer will be received - 1 check.

According to the BITSAT 2019 test pattern, for any unsolicited questions, no impressions will be cut.

The PC will not enable the competitor to take more than one option for an inquiry.

There will be no time interruption for singular areas. Candidates can interpret any inquiries of any area within a length of 3 hours.

A candidate will have the flexibility to rearrange between inquiries.

Add to the number of inquiries: 150.

Bitsat 2019 Exam Patterns - Question Distribution

Inquiries in the examination will be taken from a detailed inquiry bank.

Each applicant will get various inquiries arrangements.

Despite this, the set of problems will be kept in the majority of the set.

Bitsat Consultant Group will determine the inquiry level, level, substances and types.

Bitset 2019 Test Pattern - Other aspects and instructions

The bid for inquiries and directions will be in the English dialect as it was.

The candidate should take his special geometry set, stationery box, pen and pencil.

The competitor will be given a clear sheet on the examination focus.

Electronic contraption of any kind is not allowed in the examination focus.

The competitor should not be brought to any mini computer, log table book, i-Pad, versatile, tablet or music player.

BITSAT 2019 Examination Pattern - Course

NCERT books will be examined on class XI, XII courses.

Candidates must read the course completely to think about points, sub-topics and topics.

Courses will include mathematics, physics, and chemistry. To read more click here

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